Food on a truck

Dear J:

As I sit here eating my homemade vegetable soup while simultaneously researching what chef’s knife to buy, reading incisive articles about food on The Atlantic‘s Food Channel, and watching my idol cook on Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home, it occurs to me that I might have a problem.  But as long as I go to the gym, don’t burn down my kitchen, and have a dinner party once in a while, I’m not really sure anyone cares.

On days when I am feeling especially under-employed, I dream about buying a food truck and opening a twitter account that will let eager DC worker bees know where I will be today with my home-made soups.  Sometimes, when I am really buying into this dream, I research legal and financing requirements.

"Only the pure of heart can make a good soup." -Beethoven

Recently, I came across this amazing blog on Chow that gives a blow-by-painful-blow account of two women in San Francisco as they attempt to get their soft serve ice cream truck off the ground.  I especially recommend Part 4 where they discuss their swirled flavors (Chocolate/mint twirl. Honey blueberry/peach elderflower.  Yum.) and the ice cream truck graveyard they visit in South Central LA.

Love, Pb



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2 responses to “Food on a truck

  1. kk

    Um, this is an AMAZING idea. I would obsessively stalk this Soup Cart. And I am a soon-to-be DCer. I say: make this happen.

  2. DocRevKev

    yeah… i’ll be fanatic and financial backer… 1%?

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