When I walked into Stroga, the new Adams Morgan yoga studio that I was hoping would help ramp up my work-out routine, I never expected to discover a gorgeous, inspiring, and historic space.  Recently renovated by Douglas Development to retain its lovely woodwork, stained glass, and AMAZING plaster moldings, the L’Aiglon Mansion was built in the early 1900’s and has served as both a residence and commercial space.  The yoga studio is a vast ballroom-esque space filled with natural light from the numerous windows.  You can’t help but relax when staring at this ceiling:

Plus, not only is Stroga beautiful, I have been very impressed with the yoga instruction.  Although I am a relative beginner, Noelle’s Sunday night Vinyasa class has kicked my ass, energized me, and brought me to a very centered place, all at once.


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  1. kk

    Um, when I move to DC, can I go here with you???

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