VolatileLove is a blog about the adventures of two sisters in Washington, DC.  Mainly, Pb does the writing and J is in charge of making it all look beautiful.  A little about them:

Hi, my name is Pb and I am a recovering lawyer.  I moved to DC in November, via Boston and New Orleans, in search of my fortune.  When I am not job hunting, I am wandering the city looking for the best drink, tastiest food, and most interesting architecture.  If you’re lucky, I’ll tell you about it.


My name is J and I am quite literally the nation’s punching bag.  That’s right, you guessed it — I work for a member of the US House of Reps.  Not what you guessed?  That’s OK – this blog isn’t really about that.  By day, I may be a government employee, but by night I am a JELL-O making, romance novel reading, craft project-doing, adventure-seeking, doodle-drawing, picture-taking, TV junkie, who can’t get enough of her friends, family and Indian food.


3 responses to “Us!

  1. Conroy

    Great blog!!! Keep the entries coming.

  2. Organic pb with concord grape j. A perfect combo! No wonder you’re related!! Keep up the great job.

  3. Au

    Pb, don’t “lead” us astray. Your blog is solid “gold”.


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